Our story

Established in 2018, Doctors For Nutrition is an Australian health-promotion charity led by medical and dietetic professionals dedicated to bringing food back to healthcare.

Doctors For Nutrition was founded in 2018 after our founding directors, Lucy Stegley and Dr Heleen Roex, came together and agreed that the Southern Hemisphere needed an independent voice to champion the role of nutrition in healthcare.

Powerful evidence shows that a whole food plant-based eating pattern can prevent, reverse, or significantly reduce the disability caused by a wide range of diseases. And yet what we eat has long been overlooked and dismissed in mainstream medical intervention.


The Doctors For Nutrition team is working to equip healthcare practitioners, institutions and the public in our region with evidence-based information and education on optimum human nutrition.


Our goal is a to transform our society and healthcare system through the life-changing power of whole plant-based food.

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