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& values

Read about the vision, mission and values that inspire our work and motivate our passionate team every day.

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Our vision

Our vision is a society and healthcare system that embraces evidence-based nutrition solutions to help people optimise their health and quality of life.

Our mission

Our mission is to inspire the healthcare sector, policy makers and society at large to adopt whole food plant-based nutrition as a powerful tool in disease prevention and care.

Our values

Impact through evidence

We are goal-oriented, strategic and evidence-based in our efforts to elevate the application of nutrition in healthcare.


We are tenacious and bold as we seek opportunities to equip individuals, practitioners and policy-makers with transformative nutritional knowledge.


Kindness and respect are at the core of what we do: we seek to reduce suffering, care for those who are the least privileged, and empower people without judgement.



We are committed to integrity, professionalism and openness, seeking continually to grow our reputation as a trusted authority on nutrition in healthcare.


We create connections and build networks across a wide range of stakeholders to advance our mission.

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